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Your expressed love for your child must not exceed the allotted to word count on kindergarten applications. You may have to rein yourself in as you approach hagiography.

Choose your stories carefully. The application essay is a special kind of art form, and I polished mine carefully. It was a letter of recommendation a college mentor had written for me, during the fall of my senior year, when I was applying for a graduate scholarship that would change my life.

Essay on My Family for School Students and Children

I read it in the Breast-Feeding Chair. It made me weep. It was an oddly painful read, this celebration of my year-old self: the young woman it describes has everything to offer and the dauntless self-possession to offer it. According to the essayist, she has talent, curiosity and pluck. I remember her. And I know how rough her life will become, just a few short years after this was sent to the scholarship committee. Roam those cobblestone streets, holding something by Virginia Woolf, for as long as you can.

Meet friends in pubs where you can pet cats and talk about Antigone vs. Creon and never leave! Sometimes, they would even spank us to teach us lessons or discipline us from what we did. This is their way of showing us that they care and that they only want the best for us. The way of parents showing their love is often misunderstood by their children. What they don't know is that they only did that because they love us and they want the best for us. Our family are one of the people who loves us so much without any boundaries.

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They will always be on our side no matter what happens. Even if we don't do good in school, they will still be there. They might get mad and scold us but that is because they care for us. They want us to do good in school for our future.

Good Tips on How to Write a Great Family Essay on A-Grade

Especially our parents, they might get mad at us all the time or even spank us, but that does not mean that they hate us. That only mean that they love us so much because they care. Another type of love is the love of our friends and our love for them.

We think that this kind of love is better, it only gives us positive emotions. But the thing is, we get blinded by it sometimes. We only think of what is fun and what makes us happy without thinking its consequences. Me, personally, I often do things without thinking if it could do any harm right after. What I only think is that as long as most of my friends are with me, I am willing to go for it. Maybe this is also an effect of peer pressure but it doesn't matter, as long as I am enjoying or having fun with what I'm doing with my friends, this is my logic most of the time.

Sometimes, I even forget that there are other people who also care for me. When I have problems, I usually tell my friends first and ask for advice from them instead of asking advice from my parents first.

We often think that our friends are always there for us and that they could help us with any of our problems. I even think that my friends could understand me better than my parents since we are of the same age and we my friends have similar problems or have encountered my experience also. We trust them because we love them, we even follow their advice without thinking further on what might be the consequences after it because we think that their opinions are the best advice we could have since they could understand us better.

Friends gives us the sense of companionship. That is why when conflicts happen within the group of friends, we tend to look for someone else who will be in our side. Sometimes, we even look for a different group of friends who will love us. We all want to be in a group just because we want to feel the sense of belonging and companionship.

We don't to feel alone that is why even if friends gives us problems sometimes, we still want to be with them. Sometime in our life, we experienced loving someone or been loved by someone, not just by our friend or family but more than that. Someone we want to be part of our life forever. Loving someone is not easy to find. You need to test yourself on how you deal with this intense feeling, how you show your immeasurable love and care to the person you love the most.

Long and Short Essay on I Love My Family in English

You need to discover the differences between you and him and understand each others lapses with your attitude and behavior. Know each others weakness and strengths for you to understand each other more and avoid conflicts. If you really understand your own self and already know how you handle situations during sadness or happiness, the relationship could last.

Find a person who know how to understand your bad attitude but never leaves you behind. Love is not just about happiness, you need to accept the reality that love gives the relevance of being happy and being hurt at the same time.